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Khalsa Sarkar – Re – established 1984

Bringing the Khalsa glory back

There is an undercover genocide taking place in punjab at the moment of sikhs this is not the visible genocide that is documented but the genocide through alcohol and drugs.

It is known throughout the punjab that alcohol sold in the state is not allowed to be taken out of the state and vice versa but do you know why.

People assume it is because of taxes however it due to tablets and various narcotics designed to damage the population of punjab that are added to all alcohol.

So if you have relatives warm them of these dangers before they do further damage.


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I will be recommending new websites on here as time goes on where you can go and get real information and inspiration on sikhism the first website I will begin with isc which has a set of amazing writers they cover everything from books to politics to religion and culture it is truly an amazing site acne should be every Sikh.

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Many people read blogs and internet websites watch television reports and feel disillusioned about thee future of sikhism. Well do something about it.

What you may ask yourselves well go to the real panic websites and recommend them to your friends and family on facebook make them aware of the fake websites out there and educate yourself.

The single most important thing.sikhs can do is to learn gurmukhi and Punjabi and send your children to a local Punjabi school.

Get out there today and do something to ne proud of for your panth together we will keep the flame of sikhism burning strong.

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RSS The Dangers To Sikhs <——————————– Click here to watch the video and be educated so you can educate fellow Sikhs

This is an interesting website which educates about the Dasam Granth as not a Guru as being promoted alongside Guru Granth Sahib Ji but a collection of writings by our tenth Guru on life conduct and rules of war.

The reason hindus right wing activists are misinterpreting is becoming very clear, it is that with these writings being studied Sikhs will become wise to the very concept of Brahmin rule and how they conduct themselves on the battlefield and in politics.

I repeat again every living saint who has passed through the doors of the Akal Thakht acknowledges these as writings of the tenth Guru but they do not worship it alongside the Guru Granth Sahib only selected writings were taken and accepted into the Guru Granth Sahib this Dasam Granth is not to be venerated as Guru as hindus may have many believe.

The website linked below puts the whole subject matter to rest so Sikhs can rest knowing we are in no way linked to the hindu religion and the interpretation they are giving of our Gurus respecting the hindu religion or worshipping hindu deities is entirely misleading and created to cause a rift between the Sikhs. <——- This website puts the entire subject to rest so Sikhs can go on to fight another day without being educated by Hindu RSS imposters as they are now self educated

There have been a number of sikhs monitoring websites with content that may be created to create a gap between sikhs.

One such site whose cover has been blown and content removed is this site was discovered as having administrators that when any information was uncovered that damaged sikhs in any way they would either remove content or have a gang of people ready to damage the poster.

The particular damaging information this site was putting out related to

Sikh autonomy
Dasam granth
Guru granth sahib information

It has also been discovered these people were collecting information on posters and striking up personal conversations in false names to discover information.

Once undercover rss agents were discovered in the UK they did their best to cover for them and removed any of their posts rather quickly.

They also tried to blur the lines between sikhs and Hindus to confuse readers.

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This is the head of the Sikh University leader explaining in Punjabi on the significance of the Dasam Bani and why we shouldnt doubt it but read it and learn which banis we read from in our daily prayers.

He is saying that understand the Guru Granth Sahib Ji first and then try to understand the Dasam Bani and the knowledge written in interpretation of the hindu religion is to teach Sikhs the tactics of the hindus and in no way does he say pray to this Granth.

As for replacing all Granths or placing it alongside the existing Guru Granth Sahib is out of the question he does say that we do not pray or acknowledge hindus as our equals as they idol worship.

He says that what we write in our granths we are not as Sikhs worshippers of Krishan or Ram Chandar we only believe in waheguru we dont worship and devi or any other god besides one god and waheguru so basically he says we do not place hinduism anywhere close to Sikhism what is written in the bani is for Sikhs knowledge.

Guru Gobind Singh Ji said homself we dont believe in any god of the hindus.

He teaches about the hindu women who were evil in the times of the Gurus so Guru Ji explains how to avoid and see through these hindu womens tactics.

Guru Ji explains that you dont even cast an evil eye on another woman apart from your wife as the tactics of these hindu women and their cohorts was created in the time of the gursikhs to destroy religious Sikhs.


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